Year of the SporkWhale | Feb 23 - Mar 3, 2024 – Denver, Colorado

Under 18 Student Application Process

We're thrilled that you've expressed your interest in joining us for ETHDenver 2024 #YearoftheSporkWhale!

In order to participate as an Under 18 Student at ETHDenver 2024, you will need your parent or guardian to apply on your behalf.

Here is how:

1. After the parent/guardian has been accepted to attend ETHDenver 2024, they will unlock the ability to submit the Under 18 Application.

2. Our Community Steward will then reach out with a link for the parent/guardian and the under 18 student to participate in an interview. We need to verify that your parent/guardian approves of the under 18 attending the event, that they agree to the Under 18 Terms of Service, that the student agrees to the Under 18 Terms of Service, and answer other questions you may have.

3. If the parent/guardian and student agree to the Terms of Service, the parent will receive a Docusign agreement that will be require the students full legal name, age, Student ID, parent ID, and confirmation that they will be the Under 18 chaperon in the event.

4. On receipt of this, the Under 18 student will be added to our Under 18 Student list and a credential will be waiting for the parent/guardian and student to pick up at registration.

Under 18 Participants Terms of Service

  • Parental Consent Required. We’re super excited for your minor (“Minor”) to learn with us. Before they join in the fun, a parent or legal guardian must consent to these Terms for both themselves and their Minor.

  • Supervision Required. All Minors must be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times during in ETHDenver. We will conduct interviews with Minors and their parent or legal guardian before the event and confirm their presence at the time of registration at the Venue.

  • Adherence to Rules. Minors must comply with all facility and equipment rules and requirements during their participation in ETHDenver, including these Terms and the Code of Conduct set forth above, and all safety instructions and requirements. They should not take unreasonable risks, including those that could endanger themselves or others.

  • Risk Acknowledgment. The Minor acknowledges that on behalf of themselves, and their personal representatives, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns, they are aware of the different types of activities, equipment, and facilities offered at ETHDenver, and are aware of the risks inherent in the participation in such activities and use of such equipment and the facilities.

  • Liability for Damages. The Minor’s parent or guardian is fully responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from the minor's participation in ETHDenver, whether to property or individuals, including damages or injuries inflicted on others, in accordance with these Terms.

  • Acceptance of Terms. Prior to entering into these Terms, the Minor and their parent or guardian have had the opportunity to ask any questions about these Terms and ETHDenver and agree to them knowingly, with the understanding that no other assurances or promises outside of these written Terms have been made.

Under 18 Participants Cannot Legally Join SporkDAO

  • Membership Application Process. SporkDAO Community Membership is open to all natural persons aged 18 and over who submit an application in the form prescribed by the Board of Stewards (the“SporkDAO Board”) in accordance with the SporkDAO Bylaws at the time of application.

    Membership applications are considered approved unless expressly denied based on criteria established by the SporkDAO Board.

Under 18 Participants Cannot Claim Prizes Winnings

  • BUIDLathon Prize Winnings. If your Under 18 student participates in the #BUIDLathon and wins any prize winnings from Sponsor Bounties or Track Prizes they will be unable to claim the prizes payments. In such cases, a parent or legal guardian can claim the prize on behalf of the minor.

    Please note that the process to claim will include KYC (Know your Customer), AML (anti money laundering), and Sanction Screening of your wallet. Prize winnings are paid on Polygon USDC.