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March 3, 2024

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Gaming is a key point of entry into Web3 that will welcome millions of new users over the coming years. The Blockchain Arcade is a space where both established and indie blockchain games have an opportunity to give ETHDenver attendees a first look at the games they’ve been building and how they’ll revolutionize the way the world plays games. 

Aavegotchi is a DeFi-enabled crypto collectibles game developed by Singapore-based Pixelcraft Studios that allows players to stake Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) avatars with interest-generating tokens and interact with the Aavegotchi metaverse. It is a unique combination of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFTs.Aavegotchis are pixelated ghosts living on the Ethereum blockchain, backed by the ERC-721 standard. Their value is determined by rarity level, which is calculated via multiple factors, such as base traits, amount of staked collateral/aTokens, and equipped wearables. To level up their Aavegotchis, players can participate in a variety of activities including mini-games, governance, and meetups. Aavegotchis can also increase their rarity level by equipping in-game wearables and leveling up.Prepare to explore the Gotchiverse, Spirit Force Arena, and Gotchi Heroes.
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Cellula is a fully on-chain autonomous life simulated strategy game. Players cultivate and evolve unique life forms, employing various strategies to survive and compete.
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Chibi Clash
Chibi Clash is an enchanting fantasy gaming universe that incorporates the latest in Web3 and AI technologies to take gaming experiences to unprecedented heights. Players have the opportunity to become a Warlord and take ownership over a kingdom within a dynamic, interactive, and evolving landscape, or become a Warrior and battle for fame and fortune across various fun and captivating games. Chibi Clash intertwines strategic gameplay, a flourishing digital ownership economy, and rich lore empowered by the latest in AI technology.
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Fight fierce enemies and build your empire as you explore the dawn of time in a post-apocalyptic RPG.
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Humanity has ascended from the Earth's surface and created a breathtaking new world in the sky - Cornucopias. This fantastical realm is a system of floating islands, carved from the land we once called home, now encased in radically advanced energy shields known as Domes and suspended high above the clouds. Each one is a futuristic marvel with its own unique environment, identity, and thriving communities. Players experience flight, mining, harvesting resources, survival, racing, commerce and much more.Game Type: MMORPG
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Dark Machine
Dark Machine is a mech-themed team-based third-person shooter set in a dark future of abundant energy AMIDST economic termoil.Players control mechs that can become increasing larger by donning an even bigger mech and wreaking creative destruction on opponents and the map.
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DeFi Kingdoms
DeFi Kingdoms is a cross-chain, play-to-earn game built on a strong DeFi protocol with plans to become a fully-fledged MMORPG in later phases of the Roadmap. The game features DEXs, liquidity pool opportunities, and a market of rare, utility-driven NFTs, which all together create a beautiful, immersive online world in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.
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A 3D monster battling game bringing Web2 and Web3 together in one platform.
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Forgotten Runiverse
2D fantasy magical MMORPG
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MEGAWEAPON is a live action multiplayer shooter featuring fast-paced gameplay and white knuckle competition. We integrate blockchain technology to facilitate entry fee matches with instant entry and post-game settlement. MEGAWEAPON also features customizable playable characters that can be minted and traded as NFTs.
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Ordz Games
1st gamefi project on Bitcoin ordinals (launched March 16), backed by Unisat, Waterdrip Capital, Sora Ventures, Satoshi Labs, and f2pool. Retro games inscribe as on-chain inscriptions, players rank on leaderboard and earn $ORDG which is the 1st utility-based BRC20 token. 65.7k twitter followers and 11k discord members. We are also building web3's first-ever gaming handheld device, *it hasn't been released yet*, but we can demo a prototype on-site.
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Riftstorm is a co-op multiplayer topdown action shooter looter game. We're still in pre-alpha stage and plans to conduct a second playtest in Q1 2024. Riftstorm is the main game asset of Mythic Protocol, a company building a world-first collaborative entertainment where creators will be able to contribute (stories, levels, etc.) into the universe.
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The Five Realms
The Five Realms is an immersive adventure game where your words shape the story. In this world, every character wields unique spirit power, essential for battling the ultimate enemy. As you play, you're not just moving through an adventure; you're crafting your very own tale. Every command and choice you make is woven into an evolving narrative, thanks to our advanced AI. Create your character on chain as a ERC720, and gather special items like Totem, Lucky Grass and Potions (ERC1155) to enhance your journey. Dive into The Five Realms, where your words hold the power to change your destiny! The possibilities is infinite!
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Undead Blocks
Web3 FPS where you battle and kill zombies to earn crypto.
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Upcade is a multiplayer web3 gaming hub featuring engaging, easy-to-play entertainment experience, bringing the web3 skill-to-earn model into action 🕹️ Our focus on simplicity and fast-paced multiplayer games ensures an immersive experience with minimal barriers to entry. We’ve carefully curated our games that deliver the right emotions, with the added charm of arcade stylistic references and gameplay reminiscent of classic favorites that evoke a sense of gaming roots. Upcade blends the best of classic gaming with the innovation of the new, providing a modern environment for web3 games and -to-earn models.Our first game, classic Tanks, with a new web3 touch, where users can compete live in a skill-to-earn model, is available live on the Upcade platform. Tanks is a true classic of the genre, a game with a good arcade vibe, easy to play, and full of multiplayer entertainment.
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World Gaming Corp
World Gaming Corp will be unveiling all new game demos at ETHDenver 2024.
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