Bounty Judges for Sponsors have established specific criteria for assessing submissions related to their bounties. These criteria are outlined in the respective bounty descriptions available on Devfolio.

It is the responsibility of the sponsors to ensure that all teams who submit projects for their bounties receive a thorough review. During Saturday's Sponsor Judging time, participating teams are expected to visit the designated sponsors' tables located on the #BUIDL Floor, where they will present their projects to the respective sponsors. Each sponsor will inform the presenting team of the allotted presentation time, which typically ranges from two to five minutes per team. Should a team choose not to present their project in person, the sponsor will evaluate it solely based on the submitted materials.

In situations where no project meets the criteria to qualify for a bounty award, sponsors are still obligated to provide feedback explaining the general reasons for disqualification at the bounty level, rather than targeting specific projects. This underscores the importance of teams being present on the floor during Saturday to engage with sponsors if they seek direct feedback.

After completing their evaluations, judges will submit the names of the bounty winner(s) through the Devfolio platform. The announcement of the winners will be made on the ETHDenver website as soon as they are confirmed.

Sponsor Bounty Categories

Feature Integration Bounty
Launch MVP on Testnet or Mainnet Bounty
Early Stage Startup Bounty
Meaningful Open Source Contribution Bounty
Web3 Security Bounty
Saturday March 2nd, 2024


10:00 AM MST Project Submission Due

#BUIDLer Projects need to be submitted on Devfolio by 10:00 AM MST, Saturday, March 2nd, 2024. Unfortunately, if submissions are late, we regret to inform you that exceptions cannot be made.

10:00 AM MST Sponsors Judging Setup Begins

Sponsors will commence their review of the projects submitted on Devfolio and start their offline evaluation process. Additionally, sponsors will begin setting up their tables on the #BUIDLHubs floor to be accessible for project presentations.

11:00 AM MST Sponsor Judging Begins

Sponsors who participated in the #BUIDLathon will be stationed at a table of #BUIDLHub's floor.

3:00 PM MST IRL Sponsor Judging Ends

The in-person judging period, during which sponsors are obligated to be present on the #BUIDLathon floor, will come to a close. Subsequently, sponsors will proceed to evaluate projects independently offline and may contact teams individually if they have any further inquiries or require additional information.

Sunday March 3rd, 2024


12:00 PM MST Sponsor Judging Ends

Sponsors have until 12:00 PM MST to submit their project winners on Devfolio.  


Community JUDGE Application