#BUIDLers! This week of workshops and events is your team’s chance to learn new tools and skills as you connect with sponsors and other fellow #BUIDLers. If you don't have a team yet, no problem, come early and join icebreaker sessions to meet others looking for teammates. You'll have from 9am Feb 24th - 8am Mar 5th to complete and submit your project. If you won't be in town until later in the week, you can start BUIDLing remotely and can check out the livestream for educational content prior to arriving in person.

#BUIDLWeek community event listing is open to everyone, and can be done by any individual, group or project - not just sponsors! Whether you’re local or coming from across the globe, everyone is encouraged to host events designed to prepare other community members for ETHDenver. All Community events are to be held anytime Fri, Feb 24th - Wednesday, Mar 1st.

Most events are free to attend for everyone! ETHDenver doesn’t charge a fee to list your event on the #BUIDLWeek Calendar, we just need you to fill out a quick form with all your event details to get it published!

In the interest of reducing distractions during ETHDenver itself, we ask that the community refrain from hosting offsite events Fri Mar 3rd, Sat Mar 4th, or Sun Mar 5th (after hours ok on Sunday). Note that ETHDenver is hosting a huge after party starting at 8pm on Sunday, Mar 5th, but the community is welcome to host events during this time as well.

Hosting an event that conflicts with the ETHDenver core weekend will result in delisting of your event from the #BUIDLWeek Schedule and revocation of your team’s access to ETHDenver.

Interactive Hands-on Workshops with Past Sponsors

Blockchain Ticketing For #BUIDLWeek Event Hosts

For those planning community events during #BUIDLWeek, we recommend trying out blockchain based solutions to immerse participants in as much blockchain tech as possible throughout the week.

SporkDAO's Bufficorn Ventures has recently invested in the blockchain ticketing and NFC platform Welook. Welook is providing ETHDenver #BUIDLWeek event hosts  access to their amazing technology.

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