Mentors play a crucial role at ETHDenver, aiding #BUIDLers in exploring new ideas and shaping our decentralized future. They offer insights, tackle challenges, and guide participants through the ETHDenver #BUIDLathon journey.

About Mentorship

At ETHDenver, mentors play a pivotal role in guiding and supporting #BUIDLers in their innovative journeys towards a decentralized future. With a focus on providing constructive feedback, helping navigate challenges, and offering general guidance, mentors at ETHDenver are key to enhancing the #BUIDLathon experience.

Engaging with mentors not only brings advocacy but also opens doors to new experiences. ETHDenver's mentorship program extends beyond the event, offering year-round support to #BUIDLers.The Mentor Desk in #BUIDLHub is easily accessible at the entrance of the #BUIDLer Floor, and will serve as a central point for mentorship, addressing technical, design, and strategic questions during #BUIDLWeek and the Main Event.

The hub will be a focal point for knowledge and support throughout the 10-day event. For immediate assistance, the Discord platform's #mentors-dev-help channel was available for development, business, or general inquiries.For projects involving sponsor technologies, the #BUIDL Mentor Desk provided direct access to experts for troubleshooting.

Sponsors also maintain dedicated Discord channels for 24-hour support and had representatives at their tables in the education wing of the $SPORK Castle.

Mentor Labs

Explore our exclusive #BUIDLer labs lead by mentors around Team Formation, Technical Pitching, UI/UX Design Reviews, Smart Contract Reviews, and Career Advice Sessions, each offering unique insights and opportunities for collaboration and skill enhancement in the #BUIDLathon.

Team Formation Labs

Ready to assemble your dream team? Our Team Formation Labs are designed to connect like-minded innovators and thinkers. Join us to find your perfect match in skills and vision. Remember, great projects start with great teams! Head to the Mentor Skills Labs area on the #BUIDL floor.

Technical Pitching Labs

Elevate your project's presentation with our Technical Pitching Labs. Led by experts in communication and blockchain technology, these sessions will sharpen your pitching skills and fine-tune your project's narrative.

UI/UX Design review Labs

Transform your project's user experience with our UI/UX Design Reviews. Get one-on-one feedback from top designers in the field. These sessions are crucial for ensuring your project is not only functional but also engaging and user-friendly.

Smart Contract Review

Perfect your project's backbone with our Smart Contract Review Clinics. These detailed sessions, led by experienced blockchain developers, offer personalized feedback and insights on your smart contract designs.

Mentor Sessions

Mentor Sessions offer one-on-one career advice coaching by professionals from all areas of blockchain.

Advance sign-up is required and access is limited to SporkDAO Members who are #BUIDLing in the #BUIDLathon. Each session is 15 minutes. More RSVP info coming in February 2024.


Mentor Applciation