Community Innovation

ETHDenver's Community Innovation Festival offers a unique opportunity to explore blockchain technology with education, #BUIDLing, showcases, parties, and special events.


Over nine days from February 23 to March 3, #BUIDLers of various skill levels convene for the world's largest and longest running #BUIDLathon. This event coincides with ETHDenver's #BUIDLWeek and Main Event, offering #BUIDLers a unique chance to network with an extensive range of industry professionals, mentors, and fellow participants. The #BUIDLathon stands out as an exceptional experience, leading in community engagement, educational opportunities, and innovative development in the Ethereum ecosystem.


ETHDenver's #BUIDLWeek is a dynamic event uniting #BUIDLers, experts, and blockchain enthusiasts globally. It's a platform for networking, career enhancement, and gaining insights into the resources and technologies offered by ETHDenver Sponsors for the #BUIDLathon. Participants of #BUIDLWeek can engage in technical workshops and mini-summits tailored to assist #BUIDLers in deepening their knowledge about the available bounties and collaborate with peers to form teams. These teams can then submit their projects in the #BUIDLathon, fostering innovation and collaboration in the blockchain community.

Main Event

ETHDenver's Main Event is renowned for showcasing leading and emerging talents in blockchain, presenting cutting-edge ideas and technologies to the blockchain and creative sectors. It attracts a diverse global audience of BUIDLers, industry experts, government officials, and educators, all dedicated to exploring decentralized futures. The event is a hotspot for networking, career growth, and celebrating decentralized technology through presentations, art exhibits, and innovative spaces.


ETHDenver's Camp BUIDL is a free, immersive bootcamp tailored for blockchain newcomers, offering vital skills for success in the evolving blockchain sector. The program, ideal for developers, designers, and marketers intrigued by blockchain/crypto, culminates in a final project submission in the BUIDLathon. It focuses on skill refinement and fundamental understanding of blockchain concepts.