Year of the SporkWhale | Feb 23 - Mar 3, 2024 – Denver, Colorado

DJ Chill Room

The DJ Chill Room is a place for people to connect across the world through music, listening to and watching the same artists at the same time while BUIDLing the future.


February 29, 2024 10:00 AM


March 3, 2024 3:00 PM

What is the DJ Chill Room?

Come relax and unwind at the DJ Chill Room, a staple at ETHDenver since its inception. This dedicated lounge area is designed to provide a comfortable and inviting experience for all conference attendees.

With live DJ's providing the perfect background music, the Chill Room offers a space for attendees to network, catch up with friends, or even take a quick nap on our oversized bean bags. The room is adorned with unique lighting and artwork from local artists, and featuring the iconic PegaBufficorn sculpture.

Whether you're a #BUIDLer, steward, or vendor, the DJ Chill Room is the perfect place to take a break and recharge during the conference. So come join us and enjoy the perfect mood and atmosphere while lounging, networking, or just kicking back and relaxing.



Feb 29 - Mar 3

Open 24 Hours!


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