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Feb 29 - Mar 3, 2024 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Daily


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ETHDenver Podcast Space?

ETHDenver will have 3 bookable podcast spaces setup for people to sign up and use. Each station will have up to 4 microphones, headphones, and a camera that users can use to record up to a 2-hour podcast while at the event.

2. How does booking work?

Attendees can apply for a time slot through ETHDenver’s website. If approved, they will get a confirmation email with their date/time slot they are booked for. During the date/time of their appointment, they will check in at the arrival desk at the event and their appointments will be confirmed.

3. What do users need to provide?

Users only need to bring any special equipment not included in our setup (more than mics, headphones, and a camera). Please note that we cannot offer troubleshooting or technical support for any additional equipment.

4. What are the technical specifications of the podcast equipment?

The podcast stage will include the following: 4 Beacn mics with AI noise suppression, 4 headsets for each user of the mics, and 1 Logitech Stream cam to record the table and all speakers.

5. How much does the podcast space cost?

Absolutely nothing for attendees of the event.

6. How do I get our recording?

We will provide a USB flash drive at no cost to each podcast that is booked. This flash drive will have your recorded session. We record all files in .mkv format, and will remux after recording to provide you with an .mp4. We do NOT back up these files or keep them past the time of your podcast, so make sure you retrieve your flash drive before you leave the space.

7. Can I record a podcast if I haven’t signed up beforehand?

We will have a waiting list/signup sheet for those who don’t pre-register. There is no guarantee that you will have a spot, so please sign up before the event to ensure you have a spot to record.

8. What kind of support is on site?

The podcast lead Daniel will be around the event every day to answer questions and troubleshoot any provided equipment. He will be your go-to for issues relating to video, audio, PC, and anything else that may come up with the provided podcast equipment only.

9. Is there a user guide or manual available?

You shouldn’t need one. All recordings will be set up by the staff on site who will test your equipment before you go live to ensure that everything is working properly between each time slot.

10. What measures do you take to ensure privacy and security?

None of your names or podcasts will be saved past the day of production. The computer's storage is wiped after each day of the event, and no one besides staff will have access to the internal hardware.

11. Are there any restrictions on podcast content?

Technically no, but we do encourage you to stay on web3 topics. Feel free to invite guests you’ve networked with while on site, or collaborate with other web3 creators during your slot as well.

12. What is the policy for late arrivals or no-shows?

You will have 15 minutes to arrive at your allotted time slot. If you do not arrive, you forfeit your slot and it will be offered to those on the waitlist. You can add your name into the waitlist should you need to.

If you have additional questions, please contact daniel@ethdenver.com; he will typically respond within 24 to 48 hours.

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