Yeshu Agarwal
Co-founder and CTO
Yeshu Agarwal, is the co-founder and CTO of [Transak](, a computer engineer with over nine years of experience in technology, including product development, programming, and crypto trading. Having started his programming journey at 12, Yeshu has a history of successful ventures, including Coinally, which he led to acquisition by LCX. His expertise in the fintech and crypto industry since 2016, combined with a rich perspective on blockchain technology, makes him a key figure in the Web3 arena. At Transak, Yeshu is at the forefront of addressing one of the most critical challenges in Web3: simplifying the conversion between fiat and cryptocurrency. This solution is key to onboarding the next billion users into the Web3 ecosystem. Under his leadership, Transak is developing user-friendly and efficient solutions, facilitating wider adoption of blockchain technology and empowering a new wave of users, developers, and businesses in the decentralized world.
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