How to Access Your ETHDenver 2024 Ticket

Drew Mailen
February 17, 2024
5 Min

Your ETHDenver ticket awaits inside the tokenproof app. You will need this to scan to enter the event!

As you probably know, we love to “dog food” community technology every year to showcase the future and what’s possible. With respect to tickets, we’ve partnered with tokenproof to provide this year’s ticketing solution. 


tokenproof will not have access to your wallet or any other private information, they will only provide tickets for the event. 

NEVER share your seed phrase, private key, or any other information that might compromise your wallet. Also, please confirm that you are on the right site/app before connecting your wallet to avoid phishing scams. 

To Safely Download Your Ticket in tokenproof: 

  • Get started by downloading tokenproof from the iOS or Google Play stores.
  • In the app, you must link the account used for ticketing. 
  • Tap “Continue with Email” and verify your email address; OR
  • Tap “Continue with Wallet” to connect your Web3 wallet
  • If your digital wallet is on your desktop, you can link it here

If you encounter any issues with accessing your ticket, please email the tokenproof support team at

Making Attendance Easy Again: Staking is Now Optional

ETHDenver is the world’s largest live-action Web3 experiment. As a result, we aim to implement Web3 concepts into the ETHDenver experience. Subsequently, we use a lot of Web3 technology to manage your experience and SporkDAO Membership (a Colorado Cooperative). 

The feedback we received around applications, ticketing, staking, and membership is that it’s too complicated. As a result of this feedback, the Board of Stewards has decided to make staking $SPORK optional for ETHDenver Membership. 

In other words, you DO NOT have to stake your Membership to get a FREE ticket to the yearly event. 

Nonetheless, you still have the option to stake $SPORK for ticket upgrades or patronage sharing in the future. 

Still need to apply? Start here.