ETHDenver 2024 #BUIDLathon Judging SCHEDULE

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Sunday March 3, 2024 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Top 15 Projects

Infrastructure & Scalability -


VeriFido produces verifiable Ethereum indexing. Imagine TheGraph running in a deterministic, decentralized, and verifiable environment, with resulting indexed data disputable on-chain!

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Ethereum Mainnet nodes as streaming infrastructure to guarantee and secure video and radio transmissions.
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Storylus is a permissionless Protocol available on Sepolia. It gives smart contracts access to all of Ethereum’s historical data with storage proofs by Proving Ethereum’s chain of block on Stylus.

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Defi, NFTs, & Gaming

Egg Wars

A game where players compete to build the biggest army of chickens and produce the most $EGG
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Michi Protocol

Michi is a trustless marketplace for points. We use ERC-6551 to create NFT-linked wallets that earn points on any existing protocol. By selling the NFT, any points accrued in the wallet are also sold.

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DAOs & Communities

A Bank For DAOS

We offer dead simple loans to DAOs, with the aim of bringing more small businesses into the DAO ecosystem. And we've already built our first MVP: our first loan.
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Collectively nurture the inspiring storyteller within us all.
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Elevate Governance With Clarity

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Impact & Public Goods


BeReal but with pushups. Get Active, Stay Accountable, and Get Rewarded with Friends! Let's make fitness fun again with BeFit!

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EBF Network of Trust Impact

A discoverable network of trust for registering impact projects and verifying their ecological benefits, built using verax attestations, phosphor, linea, and the ecological benefits framework.

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Unbound Science

A creator economy for scientists and inventors

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Identity, Privacy, & Security


ODIN is bonded service on ethereum via EigenLayer that works with block builders to pause dapps before a malicious transaction is executed by simulating protocol invariants and economic incentives.

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Migrate compromised assets to a new safe wallet on every EVM chain.
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HoneyPause is a permissionless on-chain EXPLOIT bounty tied to a circuit breaker.

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Sunday March 3, 2024 - 10:00am - 1:00pm

Community Judging Fair

Teams who showed interest in participating in the  SporkDAO Community Project Fair to sponsor bounties are required to present their project to sponsors at their assigned tables between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm.

To find the location of your table, please click on the "Locate Table" button below and look for what row and table number you are positioned at.


There are 22 rows on #BUIDLHub Floor that are arranged from A to U.

Table Number

There are six tables in each row. Table "1" is always the closest to the center walkway.