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ETHDenver 2024

ETHDenver's Speaker Application serves as an open call Community Members for speaking proposals, where #BUIDLers, thought leaders, and industry professionals can submit their session ideas for consideration at ETHDenver 2024.

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How it works

The Speaker Application allows members of ETHDenver's Community of Communities to submit programming ideas for ETHDenver, which will take place from February 23 to March 3, 2024.

Proposals for ETHDenver 2024 will be collected during the submission period. These submissions are then assessed by experts within ETHDenver's Community of Communities who offer feedback on all of the ideas that are submitted.

The final decision is made by ETHDenver's Content Stewardship.

Important Dates

December 1 1:00 pm MST: Submission Opens
January 14 11:59 pm MST: Submission Closes
January 15 12:00 am MST: Community Waitlist Opens
February 15 11:59 pm MST: Community Waitlist Ends

Application FAQ

Apply to Speak

The application form is segmented into six steps, and we highly recommend downloading the PDF version of the application to carefully consider your proposal before submission.

Step 1: Organizer

Designate a main person, referred to as the session organizer, to manage communications during the Speaker Application procedure and afterwards, if the application is successful. This individual may also be a potential speaker, though this is not assumed by default and must be specifically stated. The key role of the session organizer is to act as the central liaison for the session, tasked with relaying information to the speakers and playing a crucial role in the session's overall success.

Step 2: Session Title + Description

Summarize your session's theme (limit: 300 characters, spaces included) and key learning points (limit: 150 characters, spaces included). Clearly and engagingly outline your session's central concept, and detail a specific, tangible benefit participants will obtain. The ETHDenver Community seeks practical knowledge applicable in their projects, communities, and development efforts. Consider these guidelines:

  • Aim for a brief yet informative title. Craft a title that resonates clearly with your intended audience, ensuring it's straightforward and engaging for the community. (Title limit: 60 characters, including spaces)
  • ETHDenver's audience is knowledgeable about the blockchain ecosystem. With space constraints in mind, avoid general statements or statistics about blockchain in your idea description. Concentrate on detailing the specific content of your session.
  • Avoid mentioning speaker names or organizations in the session description, as these details are provided separately during the application process and in subsequent stages.
  • ETHDenver values diversity in perspective, opinion, representation, and the most interesting sessions are ones that offer many different perspectives. Please add any of these details in the "what else would you like us to know section.
  • Compose your description in paragraph format; please refrain from using bullet points or lists.
  • Ensure that you fully spell out acronyms at their first occurrence in your text.
  • Descriptions focused on advertising or brand promotion are not permitted. If you wish to promote your brand at ETHDenver, consider becoming a sponsor: ETHDenver Sponsorship.
Step 3: Audience

This step's required information forms the basis of your session concept. Your choices will aid community reviewers in comprehending and distinguishing your proposal from numerous others.

  • Choose a track that closely matches your idea, enabling attendees with similar interests to easily find your session. While your concept might align with several tracks, concentrate on the one that most accurately reflects the content and objectives of your session.
  • Select a format aligning with your session's structure and presentation approach. Consider the objectives of your session — do you aim for a stimulating debate, an educational activity, or gathering a particular community? Consult the available options to identify the format that most effectively matches your concept.
  • Specify a blockchain expertise level to tailor the educational depth of your session's content. The Community Innovation Festival encompasses learning at all stages, and this categorization helps your session stand out more effectively within the community.
  • Clearly define your session's target audience and the required technical knowledge level. This helps attendees gauge who will gain the most from your session and assists in refining your session objectives.
Step 4: Resources

Include a brief video of yourself presenting on stage as a visual representation of your proposal. At least one supporting resource is required. High-quality production isn't necessary; a simple recording on your phone or computer to pitch your idea will suffice. Ensure you have the proper rights to any materials used in the video. Make sure the content is publicly accessible and includes closed captions.

Step 5: Speakers

Speakers are crucial to your proposal and significantly influence its assessment. Be ready to provide each proposed speaker's details, including their name, contact information, brief biography, expertise rationale, previous speaking engagements, and if they belong to SporkDAO, their wallet address for receiving SPORK, if selected to speak.

  • Keep in mind the maximum speaker limits assocated with your selected session format. For example, the panel format is limited to a maximum of four speakers, including moderator, if desired.
  • Moderators are optional but should be independent, neutral facilitators in the discussion. Please note the moderator counts toward your maximum speaker limit.
  • While a particular speaker may be proposed for multiple sessions, in the interest of providing perspectives, speakers will be limited to participating in (2) programmed sessions.
Step 6: Review + Submit

Ensure your proposal is thoroughly proofread, complete, and free of errors. Take some time to carefully review all agreement terms before finalizing your submission. Note that after submission, you cannot make further edits.

Your proposal is only considered complete once you click the "enter proposal" button.

Session Features

Apply to Speak

Choosing the appropriate session features for your proposal idea is important because they define your session's audience.


Featured Session (60 Minutes, 3-4 Speakers includes moderator)

A dynamic and diverse discussion offering multiple viewpoints on a particular topic, followed by audience Q&A. Four speakers max (including a moderator, if applicable).

Panels (40 Minutes, 3-4 Speakers includes moderator)

A dynamic and diverse discussion offering multiple viewpoints on a particular topic. Four speakers max (including a moderator, if applicable).

Fireside Chat (30 Minutes, 2 Speakers)

An in-depth and rich dialogue in an interview or fireside chat format that discusses and dissects work and insights on a particular topic. Two speakers max (including a moderator, if applicable).

Solo Presentations (20 Minutes, 1 Speaker)

A short solo presentation highlighting new and emerging ideas.

Solo Technical Workshops(20 Minutes, 1 Speaker)

A short solo Technical Workshop highlighting new and emerging ideas.

Creative Expression (20 Minutes, 1-2 Speakers)


Infrastructure + Scalability

Defi, NFTs, + Gaming

Impact + Public Goods

DAOS + Communities

Identity, Privacy + Security

Diversity Guidelines

Apply to Speak

Diverse speakers play an important role in shaping our proposal evaluation process. The most captivating sessions are those that encompass a wide range of viewpoints. When selecting speakers, please consider the following fundamental diversity criteria:

  1. Gender diversity.
  2. Ethnic diversity.
  3. Geographic and occupational diversity among speakers.
  4. Diverse perspectives and opinions.

We acknowledge that certain sessions may benefit from a more concentrated representation of a specific group, and we will assess such cases individually.

Selection Process

Apply to Speak

All ideas submitted during the ETHDenver Community Innovation Festival's call for proposals go through a two-step review process.

Community Reviewers

First, the submissions are evaluated by Community Content Reviewers - a panel of global industry experts who provide insights and assessments. Core to ETHDenver's "Community of Communities" philosophy, your peers review content proposals in real-time, giving our Content Stewardship critical input on what should be featured on stage.

Content  Stewardship

Next, the Content Stewardship leverages their extensive experience covering blockchain's most significant developments at events like ETHDenver, Nearcon, and more. They review the Community Reviewers' proposals for final invitations, identifying journalists and influencers who can fill any gaps in relevant topics. The Stewardship aims to strike a blend between newcomers and seasoned speakers, and sponsored content and community merit content.

The Content Stewardship aims to see ETHDenver 2024 content at the main event Feb 29 - March 3, 2024 be:

50% Sponsored Content

50% Community Merit Based Content.

Sponsor Proposals

Official 2024 Sponsor Content Proposals that are a part of your sponsorship package should only be submitted through the Sponsor Speaking Application Form. Please reach out to your  Sponsor Concierge for the correct form.

If you submit a sponsor proposal using the community proposal form, it will be treated as a community proposal and not as a sponsor proposal.

Community Proposals

Are you an ETHDenver community member with an innovative idea you want to showcase at our Community Innovation Festival? We welcome proposals from all members looking to contribute programming as part of the festival experience.

Sponsors should not use the Community Proposal form. Please contact your sponsor concierge for the correct form.