The Bufficorn Store Is Officially Live So You Can Shop ETHDenver Swag

Store sales will help keep ETHDenver community events free for all to attend.

Some of the swag available for purchase on

Last week during Laura Shin’s Unchained Podcast live episode taping with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik ButerinBreaker Magazine reported Buterin was in his “traditional whimsical garb” which consisted of this year’s ETHDenver sublimated Bufficorn t-shirt and matching Bufficorn socks. Today, ETHDenver launched the shoppable so that anyone can purchase Vitalik’s look, along with several other original Bufficorn designs.

About The Store
ETHDenver prides itself on ensuring there are no economic barriers for its events. In an effort to keep ETHDenver FREE for all attendees, all store sales will go directly to the BUIDLATHON’s efforts of providing no-cost, community supported events. By purchasing any of the items in the store, patrons are directly contributing to the shared ethos of #buidling the decentralized future. Shoppers can purchase items in USD or crypto.

You can now purchase ETHDenver shirts like this one! Photo Credit: Austin Wright

About The Bufficorn
The Bufficorn is a magical fantastical animal that represents the collaborative spirit of ETHDenver. They live in communities atop Colorado’s 14er mountain peaks and strive to serve their communities above their own selfish interests. The Bufficorn’s rallying cry is “BUIDL!”. Those who subscribe to the collaborative community nature of the Bufficorn will honor this incredible creature by replicating its call to action. Want to learn more about the Bufficorn’s origin story? Click here.

About The Designs
Sergio Ordonez created the many looks of the Bufficorn in collaboration with the ETHDenver team. Learn more about Sergio’s design work here.

Shop today!

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