ETHDenver 2019’s Apprentio Workshop to Provide Education for Teens & Attendees New to Blockchain

CONTACT: Hannah Oreskovich
January 14th, 2019

ETHDenver 2019’s Apprentio Workshop to Provide Education for Teens & Attendees New to Blockchain

At ETHDenver 2018, Apprentio helped Denver teens create their own non-fungible tokens on the blockchain with Cryptokicks. This year, the program aims to continue to educate teens and anyone new to blockchain tech.

Denver’s Apprentio is on a mission, a mission to further mass adoption of blockchain technology through educational inclusion. After partnering with Denver teens last year to create Cryptokicks, this year Apprentio is offering workshops, demonstrations, and a chance to connect with industry mentors for youth and anyone new to the blockchain space.

Said Apprentio founder Nick Rodrigues, “Talent is universal, but opportunity is not. Blockchain has the potential to decentralize access to opportunity, provide an economic on-ramp for the underserved billions not benefiting from the digital economy, and deliver sustainable and equitable economic engines for all of our global citizens. To achieve these high aspirations, the blockchain community needs to attract problem solvers from all socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and ways of life. Apprentio believes the younger generation will lead this charge and we want to get them involved.”

The Apprentio workshop will be held February 16-17 during the ETHDenver BUIDLATHON. It will be a hands-on introduction to blockchain for all age groups, but content will be focused for youth between the ages of 13-17. There will be discussions on the history of money, the history of the internet, programming, token economics and incentive mechanisms, web3 games, product management, and more. Participants will learn about smart contracts from the creators of CryptoZombies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from CryptoKitties, and DApps from the creators of OpenSea. Snacks, lunch, dinner, and beverages will be provided for all involved in the Apprentio workshop. View the full Apprentio workshop itinerary here.

Minors interested in Apprentio’s 2019 workshop at ETHDenver should start by submitting this form signed by a guardian and then fill out an ETHDenver application. Parents and teachers are welcome to attend as well! Anyone 18 or older must fill out the ETHDenver application. Workshop spots are first-come, first-serve and Apprentio will accept applications beyond the ETHDenver regular application deadline of January 31st. Learn more about Apprentio on their website. Apply and learn more information today at