Unique.One is the world’s first next-generation, purely decentralized non-profit NFT Art Marketplace — independently operated by the Digital Art community.

We are built by the community, for the community — and will be governed by a DAO.

User experience is essential to the community. Our focus is on platform accessibility so that all artists can optimize their revenue streams by learning to mint NFT art.

Bounty 1

DEX Integration:

As the decentralised space continues to grow, we are on the lookout for leveraging all that DEXs have to offer in the simplest way possible to improve the overall user experience for creators, collectors, buyers, and sellers.

For our ETHDenver bounty this year, Unique.One would like to incentivise the integration of our platform with DEXs for on-platform ERC20 swaps.

Currently, buyers who are holding other ERC20 tokens and wish to purchase an NFT in ETH have to go to a DEX to swap their ERC20 tokens for ETH — and then return to the Unique.One platform.

We want them to be able to swap their ERC20 tokens for ETH, and visa versa, without leaving the Unique.One website.

This would provide a much simpler and smoother user experience for the community.

The criteria for this bounty is proof of concept.

Special attention will be given to devs who build from the user’s point of view.

We seek a neat, end-to-end user experience with limited touchpoints and a practical interface for seamless onboarding.

Bounty is the equivalent of 3k in either Eth or DAI.


Proof of Concept and link to open source code.

Judging Criteria

Realistic Capability, Coolness, Innovation Level

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