Superfluid allows you to make tokens flow seamlessly on Ethereum, from money streaming to one-transaction reward distributions, to building dapps with your own custom logic thanks to our JS-SDK, batch-calls and callbacks.

Bounty 1

First prize for the best app built with Superfluid, $2000

More at

Bounty 2

Second prize for the second best app built with Superfluid, $1000

More at

Bounty 3

4 prizes of $500 each for:

- the best DeFi hack 🏦

- the best NFTs hack 🎨

- the best payments hack 💳

- the most complex SuperApp ⚙️

More at


- The dapp needs to make use of Superfluid Protocol smart contracts

- Provide a short description and scope of the dapp, ideally record a short screencast to show how it works

- The dapp should be deployed and functional on one of the following Ethereum Testnets (Goerli, Rinkeby or Ropsten)

- The dapp should also be submitted during ETH Denver

- The dapp should be fully open source under MIT license

- A link to the source code and functioning prototype must be included

Your submission should be a pull request in Superfluid GitHub repo.

The code you submit will be under the MIT license, with you being credited as the author. When you submit this code, you agree to give all publishing and intellectual rights of the screencast freely over to the community via the terms of the MIT license.

Ensure the code is written by you or your team. It is imperative that you own the rights to the code and are writing code that can be fully licensed under MIT. Please submit your code to Github with the proper MIT license file included in it, to be considered.

If your submission includes a front end and back end, put these into separate FOLDERS and include them both in the same pull request with your submission.

Be sure your submission is in a ready and demo-able state. Include all necessary details so we can try out your app.

Record a screencast showing us how your submission works. Include a link to your video in the README.

Once you have made your pull request, submit your work and include information on the link to your pull request.

Judging Criteria

We will reward completeness/functionality of the implementation, the tangible value of your hack for the community, a high degree of integration with Superfluid, and attribute special points to “enablers”, hacks that make other protocols or dapps more functional by leveraging our protocol.

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