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State of Colorado - OIT

State of Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology - Digital Transformation Director CDOT: RR&R

How to create a safer railroad/street crossing to get rid of the train horns at 3:00 am.

1 $500 prize myColorado: Proof of licensing/ credential

Demonstrate using blockchain the independent verification of licenses.

We will provide a test json payload you can use to simulate input from the myColorado App. myColorado: 5-Star Ratings

Allow myColorado confirmed users to rate 5-star business participants on their compliance with county rules.

Overall Winner: $500

2 other winners: $250 EthDenver Bounty Details: myColorado: Multiply

We want to integrate the near real-time identity confirmation capabilities to as many providers as possible. Integrate myColorado to confirm the identity of a myCO app user via the data sharing API with an already well established service or tool (Crypto exchange, Wallet, Financial Institution, eSign Service, etc..)

$125 for the top 50 submissions! myColorado: Non-social Check-In

Allow myColorado merchants/ agencies to handle office sign-ins, site check-ins, etc. using a scanned QR code and simple repository.

Overall Winner $500

Up to five others at $250 myColorado: Petitions

Capture the intent to sign a petition using my Colorado, a trusted web service, and blockchain solution. Petition signing is horrible normally and worse during covid. Help revise democracy! Since the myColorado App can prove a user is who she says she is, where they live, and more, we think that marking a petition electronically is the next step.

In this case simply capture the intent to sign a petition with myColorado and provide basic reporting.

Four winners get $250 each

State of Colorado - Department of Agriculture

CDA Citizenship

Helping citizens fulfill citizenship requirements more easily. Currently we have to check the status of every sole proprietor each year which means they have to fill out an additional form and CDA staff have to take the time to recheck them even though their status rarely changes.

Overall Winner Prize $1,000

Four additional prizes of $250

More information will be posted as we receive questions: CDA Fun Finder

A comprehensive and offline capable map/listing of all the craft beer, wine and distilleries in the state.

Overall Winner Prize $1,000

Four additional prizes of $250

More information will be posted as we receive questions:


Virtual Eye Test

Driver License Eye Test online - Can you recreate a way to confirm visual acuity and authentication utilizing a mobile device that would replace the vision tests currently conducted in a Driver License (DL) office? Remember that the DL test is with vision correction, i.e. contacts or glasses on. Currently Snellen Charts are used to measure visual acuity by confirming smallest row that can be read accurately.

Overall Winner Prize $1,000

Four additional prizes of $500


Overall Winner Prize $1,000

Two additional prizes of $500

Create approaches, apps, etc.. that allow for gamification of continuing driver education. Integration with myColorado would be ideal.

Use the Safe Driver technology to earn driving points to qualify to take the driving exam? Offer the option to eliminate the driving logs that parents / guardians are required to complete for Driver Education by tracking and reporting actual driver history, add or reduce points based on their driving history? Work with insurance companies to add Continuing Drivers Education, gamified to earn points, for discounts? Integrate with the Drive Safe Colorado Driving Schools. Leverage existing continuing driver education programs like All Star Driver Education free courses.

Fingerprint Automation

Overall Winner Prize $1,000

Two additional prizes of $500

Fingerprint automation for Driver License onboarding - Can you recreate the ability to provide a finger print using a mobile device that would allow someone to avoid having to go to an office to be finger printed? Fingerprint collection for new driver licenses, state IDs, and Commercial Driver Licenses

EthDenver Bounty: Universal Wallet + Colorado Identity


Use the W3C Universal Wallet Specification and myColorado Digital ID APIs creatively to empower learners/citizens to prove their identity and own/control their own credentials.

Bounty Details

Overall Winner Prize of $1000

Three additional prizes of $250

Other Useful Resources


Verifiable Credentials

EthDenver Bounty: Digital Wallet


Digital Wallet Democratization: What if every student owned/controlled their own records on their own device? The practical and psychological benefits of individual data ownership and control, brought about by the scaled adoption of interoperable digital learner wallets, could help to solve many of the most pressing challenges in education: motivation, retention and persistence, attainment rates, economic mobility, etc. Help the state of Colorado, and partners across the country, by developing a simple SDK and/or web3 tooling suite to bring a drop-in, pluggable version of the W3C Universal Wallet Specification to developers and learners in Colorado and around the world.

Bounty Details

Overall Winner Prize of $500

Four additional prizes of $250

Specifications & Resources

Required Resources

Other Useful Resources


Verifiable Credentials

W3C Credential Ecosystem

EthDenver Bounty: web3-enabled Student Transcript


Rebuild an existing DHE student transcript using web3 tools. The current student transcript fails to tell the story of the skills, knowledge, and experience of today’s student. Moreover, students must go to their school to ask for a transcript every time they need a copy. Is there a better, web3-enabled way to capture and share the student story? How do we ensure all learning is counted? The State of Colorado is pioneering technology, namely MyColorado (state digital ID) and My Colorado Journey which holds the potential to enable a more secure, learner-centered approach to recording keeping. Help the Colorado Department of Higher Education extend these resources by building a more flexible, interoperable, learner-centered, web3-enabled transcript or Learning & Employment Record (LER). Help map and verify knowledge gained throughout one’s life to collect and share with others.

Bounty Details

Two prizes of $500

Samples & Resources

Other Useful Resources


Verifiable Credentials

W3C Credential Ecosystem


Use the myColorado json specs.

Open source is preferred, but we understand not always possible.

See document links

Judging Criteria

Does it work as intended?

Does it effectively leverage myColorado to solve a problem?

Does it significantly improve citizens/ residents/ constituents experience or safety?

Bonus for actually using myColorado App!

Wow us!

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