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Bounty 1

Visualizing miner impact

There are two key developments for Ethereum miners in 2021. We want you to explore the impact of these to miners through data analytics and visualization.

First, EIP-1559 is on the horizon. While some analysis has been done on its significance, we’re curious to see a deeper exploration and visualization of EIP-1559’s impact on miners. For example, historic gas data can be used to analyze how miners' earnings might change if EIP-1559 had been in effect.

Second, DeFi has created an explosive growth in Ethereum usage. Critically, there are some high value transactions on Ethereum that are not going through the typical fee markets. More prominently known as Miner Extractable Value (MEV), this topic is being more widely explored and discussed. We’re keen on seeing today’s state of MEV. For example, we'd love to see the scale of MEV on key DeFi applications today in real time.

We are offering a $10.5K prize to the best submission.

Useful links

-An Economic Analysis of EIP-1559:

- Quantifying Blockchain Extractable Value: How dark is the forest?:


If there is code involved, all code must be open source. Final submission must include visualizations (graph, table, charts, etc.) and description of key findings.

Judging Criteria

Quality of visualization: Does the submission include visualizations that anyone can understand?

Open source contribution: Does the submission allow other people to build further insights from it?

Powerful story telling: Does the description keenly match

Bonus points: Are there any insights that our ecosystem has overlooked so far?

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