Updated: Feb 10

Solana is a fast, secure, and censorship-resistant blockchain providing the open infrastructure required for global adoption.

Bounty 1

Title - Bridging Ethereum Interest Bearing Aave Tokens To Solana

Description - We would like the interest-bearing token to be added to a Serum DEX market. This integration should ensure the interest carry over accurately when redeemed from the bridge.

Prize - $5,000 USDC

Resource -

Bounty 2

Title - Bridging On-chain Governance

Description - Governance vote should happen on Ethereum and then the execution of the vote should carry over to Solana through a memo in a transaction using Wormhole.

Prize - $4,000 USDC

Resource - /

Bounty 3

Title- Solana Explorer Add-on To Show Wrapped ERC20 Tokens

Description - PR to the explorer code that allows wrapped ERC20 tokens to be visible. Features include link to the Ethereum contract, logo, and name of wrapped assets.

Prize - $2,000

Resource - /


- Open source Github repo

- Working submission

Judging Criteria

Technicality, execution, team

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