Portis is a platform for making decentralized applications accessible to mainstream users. It offers developers an SDK that they can integrate into their DApp to make it familiar and easy for their users, just like using a regular web app. Users can also purchase additional crypto straight to their wallet using their credit card. Finally, developers enjoy additional features to improve their DApp UX, such as “trust this dapp,” gas relay, and more.

Bounty 1

Portis is offering developers $100 in ETH for integrating our SDK into their DApps.

Additional Bounties

The top three DApps our judges deem to be the most innovative, user-friendly, and which demonstrate mainstream appeal and the best use of blockchain technology will be featured in a Portis blog and may earn a spot in our App Store.


Refer to our documentation at

Judging Criteria

The SDK must be live and functional.

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