Polkadot is a next-generation blockchain protocol connecting multiple specialized blockchains into one unified network.

Bounty 1

- Title: Polkadot open hack

- Description: The sky’s the limit with this Polkadot bounty! Dazzle the Polkadot ecosystem with your cool idea. Your unique Substrate blockchain with parachain potential? Or maybe you are ready to dive into DeFi, or add color to the Polkadot universe with your NFT. Surprise us, delight us and get going. Have fun!

- Prize amount 4.5k USD

- 1st: 2k USD

- 2nd: 1.5k USD

- 3rd: 1k USD

- Resources: Hacker guide

Bounty 2

- Title: Polkadot non-technical hack

- Description: Calling all artists, designers and inventive souls of ETHDenver! The floor is yours with this bounty. Unleash your creativity and let your ideas run free. Design, create, astonish, film...the only criteria are that your masterpiece must be related to the Polkadot brand. Take our breath away...

- Prize amount 500 USD

- 1st: 500 USD

- Resources: Hacker guide


Technical bounty requirements:

- The solution has to be built for the Polkadot ecosystem (including Kusama and Substrate)

- Open source code with a link to the repository

- Highly encouraged to submit new projects, but If you are updating prior work (e.g. adding a feature or upgrading specific parts of an existing solution), it has to be very clearly stated what was done in the scope of ETHDenver

- If you are submitting a Substrate chain provide a live running site or running chain and provide an endpoint

- 150 word submission description (can be within the repo's readme)

- All submission materials must be in English

- Winners will have to go through KYC to receive their prize

Non-technical bounty requirements:

- Submissions have to be made with the Polkadot ecosystem in mind (including Kusama and Substrate)

- Accepting any kind of user generated content (graphics, t-shirts, video, infographics, music,...)

- Submissions needs to be in english

- The winner will have to through KYC to receive their prize

Judging Criteria

Technical bounty judging criteria:

- Contribution to Decentralization and Web 3.0 Friendliness - 25% (Includes how useful the blockchain or tooling is in the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem as a whole.)

- Originality, Creativity, and Innovation - 25% (Includes how new and novel the submission is versus existing technologies.)

- Technical Difficulty - 25% (Includes the level of skill or knowledge required to build the blockchain, tools, or other type of submission.)

- User Experience - 25% (Includes how intuitive and understandable the submission is for potential users.)

Non-technical bounty judging criteria:

- Uniqueness and creativity - 100%

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