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1) OPOLIS BOUNTY: Build a Referral System for $WORK Rewards

About Opolis:

Opolis was birthed by the vision of a more egalitarian global employment framework: A system that brings powerful tools and infrastructure to independent workers so that they can design their work-life in a way that suits their personal lifestyle preferences.

With an estimated 90 million self-employed workers by 2028 in the U.S. alone, current toolsets are either out-of-date or non-existent for this population of workers. Up to now, virtually all employment and HR technology is designed toward corporations as the primary ‘customer’. That is all about to change as we see the emergence of next-generation Digital Employment Cooperatives like Opolis.

Opolis was designed by those that use it; by independent workers for independent workers. The core characteristics of the Opolis platform are:

  • The ecosystem is as permissionless as compliance will allow.

  • For its users, it acts as a benevolent and neutral public utility.

  • All stakeholder groups are incentivized around community growth.

  • Value is created and shared equitably by all stakeholders.

  • The ecosystem is owned by its users and used by its owners.

  • Members contribute to important decisions about the network.

Learn more at


  • Top submission receives $1500; Next two receive $500 each.

  • The $WORK referral rewards program requires a method to track, permissionlessly, referrals which are made to the Opolis Employment Commons as Employee Members. The system needs to be able to track referrals, consumption and ultimately facilitate the distribution of $WORK tokens to Members.


  • Deliver a functioning referral system for the $WORK token


  • Unique, sharable referral links for each Member who is referring new Members to Opolis

  • 5M $WORK Rewards are issued per “Payroll Mining Block” to Employee Members, Coalition Members and Stakers.

  • Blocks are mined as the Network grows by increments of $50K or 5% in periodic payroll volume, whichever is greater.

  • Members receive 100% of the referral credit for Employee Members who join

  • Members receive 15% of the referral credit for referring Coalition Organizations who act as channel partners for referring new Employee Members.

  • NO multi-level referral credit except for referring Organizations where the referring Member receives 15%.

  • All members receive $WORK Rewards in perpetuity so long as the referred Member consumes services.

  • Concerns: We do not want Members spamming their friends. Perhaps there is an “acceptance” of a referral or some way to avoid blanket, annoying referrals.

2) OPOLIS BOUNTY: Build an NFT Membership Token with Dynamic Art


  • Top Submission receives: 1000 $DAI


  • Members who join the Opolis Employment Commons will purchase 1 share of stock from the legal entity (Limited Cooperative Association) at $20.

  • As part of their stock purchase, they also receive a custom hand drawn headshot photo

  • See artwork at in section We “heart” Opolis.

  • The photo will be an NFT that ultimately acts as a “Membership Token” which is non-transferrable to other Members or persons.

  • The token populates an Avatar in the opolis dashboard and pairs with Fortmatic/MagicLink ETH address.

  • Member would be able to switch out artwork if they desired to do so.

3) OPOLIS COALITION BOUNTY: Pool-Party Bounty: Badger Pool-Partiers Who Yearn For Harvests


  • 1,000 $DAI each for 2 best submissions (2,000 $DAI total)

  • Build an integration between Pool-Party and one of Badger, Yearn or Harvest. The integration should let Pool-Parties move funds into Sett Vaults (Badger), Yearn Vaults (Yearn) or Farms (Harvest) or, alternatively, a helper contract that lets participants in Badger, Yearn or Harvest utilize Pool-Parties in apey and degeny ways.


  • Working smart contract that uses a Pool-Party / Moloch V2 interface to interact with Badger, Yearn, or Harvest or vice-versa.

  • Test coverage for those smart contracts.


4) OPOLIS BOUNTY: Build an Open API spec


  • 1000 $DAI for top submission; 500 $DAI each for the next 2 best submissions (2,000 $DAI total)

  • Currently, Opolis doesn’t have a public facing API, but we want to build one so developers like you can leverage Opolis to build delightful integrations with your products for our members.

  • We’d love to find out what you want in an API, more than just the obvious ability for members to read their payroll data.

  • This is just a specification, and doesn’t require any running code

  • Extra credit will be given to those that think about how to use the Opolis platform to bridge payroll and benefits between the traditional web2 and web 3 worlds

  • Opolis could open up aggregate data about how much payroll we process, aggregate benefits choices, funds managed on chain, and other defi related data. We would need a great use case for doing this, as well as an ability to ensure that private data was never compromised.

  • Don’t feel like you have to document our whole potential API. If you just have a few great ideas, please submit them!


  • Please don’t feel limited by these, but our current models and fields include

Member Data

  • Name

  • Address

  • Contact information

  • SSN

Member Family data (for benefits)

  • Name

  • Relationship

  • Address

  • SSN

Member LLC Data

  • LLC Name

  • EIN

  • Address

  • State Registration documentation

Benefits Selection

  • Life insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Long term disability

  • Short term disability

  • Vision

  • Dental

  • 401k

  • FSA/HSA account information

Payroll Processing data

  • Invoices to LLCs

  • Pay stubs to members

  • Payroll Withholding data

  • Tax data

Invoices to member’s clients

  • Date issues

  • Due date

  • Amount

  • Invoice Line Items

  • Invoice ID

Member’s client information

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Notes


  • Write an specification for the Opolis API

  • Deliver a link to a public git repository that includes the specification

  • Include example requests, responses, and errors

  • Include notes about what you’d like to see and how you’d like to leverage the Opolis platform as a developer

  • Example use cases of the API and how you would integrate your (or others) products are wonderful

  • We prefer GraphQL, but will consider REST options as well

  • Extra attention should always be paid to user security. We host payroll and benefits data, so a given member would need to consent to their data being released to every third party who could access it.


5) OPOLIS BOUNTY: Opolis Integration with FIO Request for Crypto Payroll Remittance


  • 2000 $DAI for the best submission

  • Opolis is written in Python and Django, we have built a framework and readme located at

  • Add FIO support to the sandbox application for FIO Requests to be sent so Opolis members can:

  • Pay payroll invoices, as issued by Opolis, with crypto from a member’s LLC to an Opolis FIO Address in DAI, USDT, or USDC

  • Give the Opolis platform the ability to issue a FIO Request for an invoice to be paid in DAI, USDT, or USDC by a Member LLC


  • Fork and add support for the above features to the specified repository

  • Update the Readme with a brief explanation of your solution, and any additional documentation you wish to provide

  • Write tests as needed to show your system is functional

  • Only applications written in Python and Django will be considered

  • Include failure states and status tracking of the invoice and their payments


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