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Updated: Feb 5

Arbitrum is an Optimistic Rollup that is live on an open testnet. It's fully Solidity/Vyper compatible and works seamlessly with all of your favorite tooling. Start building: Check out other apps and infrastructure already live on the testnet: httpd://

Bounty 1

Prize: $1,500. Build anything on Arbitrum. Surprise us! Prize will be given to the best project on Arbitrum, and if it's ready will be added to the Arbitrum Portal:

Bounty 2

Prize: $1,500. There are a number of AMMs deployed on the Arbitrum testnet including, Bancor, Arbiswap, arBalancer, Swapr, Burgerswap and others! Prize will be given to the best DeFi project integrating with some of the DEXs. This will be co-judged with the 1inch team and bonus points will be awarded to projects that can integrate with the 1inch contracts! Feel free to be creative about ways to bridge the L1/L2 gap.


Working demo of a product built on the Arbitrum testnet together with a link to open source code.

Judging Criteria

Creativity, Technicality and Good UX

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