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NuCypher is a decentralized cryptological network offering accessible, intuitive, and extensible runtimes and interfaces for secrets management and dynamic access control.

At NuCypher we envision a society in which every individual can assert their right to privacy.

One which is fundamentally more free, robust, and equitable. We believe that unconditional privacy is a fundamental human right, and NuCypher was founded to empower individuals to assert that right in the digital age.

Bounty 1

For our ETHDenver bounty this year the prize bounty is 3000 USD. The prize can be split up between multiple teams depending on submissions and NuCypher judges have the final say.

We’ll award the prize(s) for the most interesting project built utilizing the NuCypher Network

Bounty 2

Best integration of NuCypher encryption and Textile buckets for content distribution

Controlled access to off-chain data, such as NFT assets, private and/or organizational data, paid subscription content, etc remains difficult for web3 developers. Without centralized control, how do creators monetize their creations?! To address this and similar challenges, there are a lot of opportunities to join NuCypher and Textile technologies. The combination of proxy re-encryption with easy (IPFS-based) content storage and distribution via these two technologies paves the way to truly decentralized content distribution.

There are 2 bounties available, one provided by NuCypher and one provided by Textile. Each for $500 USD for a total possible $1000 USD. Be sure you submit your project to both bounties!


Buckets + NuCypher: Use Textile Buckets as a way to host and distribute content secured and shared via NuCypher. Example, Alice encrypts data using NuCypher’s CLI or Python client. She then pushes that data to a Bucket with the Textile CLI. She grants access to that content to Bob, who can pull the data over IPNS, IPFS, or directly from Textile before accessing. Bob can then have the data re-encrypted for him via NuCypher.

Filecoin + NuCypher: The same workflow is possible with Filecoin as the primary data storage layer. Developers can achieve this with Bucket Archives or Powergate. In the exchange step, Alice just needs to let Bob know the DealID and miner which they should pull the data from. Bob can pull the encrypted data with a Powergate client or using the Bucket Filecoin retrieval flow over the Textile Hub, and subsequently have the data re-encrypted.


Build a tool where teams can grant or revoke internal documents or data to team members.

Build a paid subscription platform where authors can automatically grant subscribers access to the latest content.

Build a digital goods marketplace, where buyers are granted access to goods for a limited timeframe.


Textile Buckets — Object storage interface for IPFS, including remote persistence and Filecoin integration.

Bucket Archiving — Store bucket snapshots on Filecoin.

Powergate — A backend API manager and client for building on the Filecoin network.

NuCypher Development Guide - Get started building with NuCypher.

NuCypher Network - Threshold cryptography service that provides extensible runtimes and interfaces for secrets management and dynamic access control. (Development testnet is Lynx )

NuCypher Discord - Public support chat.

Bounty 3


Hackathons are attending by a wide range of talented people. We're straying away from our traditional bounties and trying something "nu".

Come up with a NuCypher related meme and you can be eligible for $25 - $100 USD depending on how we rate your meme. We've set aside $1000 in total so multiple submissions are ok!


Bounty 1 - *Must use NuCypher technology in your submission

*Must have an open-source license Bounty 2 - In this bounty, we are encouraging developers to continue the experimentation. Use Textile to store data on IPFS with Buckets, or integrate Filecoin over the Hub from their project, and use NuCypher to provide encryption-based access control to assets within a Bucket. Bounty 3 - Must be related to NuCypher in some way.

Judging Criteria

Bounty 1 - * Novelty of use case

* Difficulty of technical implementation

* Usefulness of the submission Bounty 2 - The bounty will be paid to the most exciting application that makes use of Textile Buckets to store or relay data on IPFS (or Filecoin), and allocates access to said data via NuCypher. Does your project make our jaw drop? Does it look great? Does it integrate NuCypher and Textile technologies deeply? Does it use Textile and NuCypher in more than one way? If yes, then you could be our winner! Bounty 3 - Originality, effort, humour, wit

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