Harmony Protocol

Updated: Feb 3

Harmony Protocol is a fully EVM compatible sharded layer 1 protocol, with 1000x cheaper gas fees, and 2 second block times/finality. Harmony is focused on cross-chain interoperability and currently has an Ethereum to Harmony Bridge with a BTC and Polkadot Bridge going on mainnet soon.


This year at ETHDenver, we have 5 bounties, each worth $2000 dollars, so a total of $10,000 in prizes. And our challenge is really simple:

The challenge: Best use of the harmony-to-ethereum horizon bridge AND at least 1 other project from the list of sponsors. Bonus points for apps that build on harmony-to-ethereum horizon bridge AND 2+ other sponsor's protocols.

With over 40+ sponsors, we're excited you build apps on Harmony combined with other projects.

EXAMPLES (these are only examples, come up with your own ideas):

Create a savings pool/protocol on Harmony that uses bi-directional Ethereum-to-Harmony Bridge, DAI and Aave or Compound.

Create a sub graph (indexer) for a Harmony dApp using The Graph protocol.

Enable an NFT trading marketplace/dex on Harmony using bi-directional Ethereum-to-Harmony Bridge, Opensea and IPFS

Create support for Harmony name service (human readable addresses) using ENS

Create a Harmony staking derivative market on Uniswap.

Combine Harmony with IPFS & Filecoin using Textile.

Create a custom trigger using bi-directional Ethereum-to-Harmony Bridge and Parsiq



Must be Open Source with public Github repo

Must submit a walkthrough video of your application and publish it on Youtube, tagging Harmony Protocol and share link with us. Describe your thinking, what you did, challenges you came across. Talk loudly so we can hear. And demonstrate your application.

Judging Criteria

Usefulness: Does your app add value? How? Creativity: You combined Harmony with other projects from the sponsor list in a really innovative way. Completeness: Do you have working code? And a UI to go along with it? High-level of Integration: We really want to see how apps that successfully combine Harmony with other projects from sponsors. And value can go both ways: Use Harmony to add value to the other sponsor's project OR utilize the sponsor's project to add value to Harmony.

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