Decentralized storage network designed to store humanity's most important information.

Bounty 1

- Best use of Filecoin for X, $500 for best example, $300 for runner-up


Website to put an IPFS CID, fetch it recursively, and pay Filecoin to store it

Website to drag and drop file, store on Filecoin

Website to put a link to a Textile thread or bucket and store to Filecoin

Website to paste any URL and have the site rehosted to Filecoin (wget)

NFT data stored on Filecoin

Back up your minecraft world to Filecoin

Replicate datasets from datasets to Filecoin (using IPFS to pull them)

List of Filecoin Resources: and Powergate

Bounty 2

- Unity Game on Slate - Add a Unity Game to direct upload ok, $50 each for best 5 examples

- PDF Previews in Slate - Add PDF previews as a feature to the Slate app, open source PDF tooling only, $125 for best example,

Bounty 3

- Filecoin Build Tutorial - Try a Filecoin Build tutorial at, show screenshots and submit a PR for some improvement, $50 each for best 5 examples

Additional Bounties

- Build a token-related dapp using Filecoin.js and the MetaMask FilSnap Plugin (dev mode) at and $250 for best example

- Storage DAO - have a DAO crowdfund and control a set of storage deals on Filecoin. Investigate and briefly write-up options, prototype, $400 for best example

- Integrate an existing backup tool (e.g. duplicity, s3fs, etc.) with Filecoin, Powergate recommended, - $400 for best example

- Blocklists/Denylists Registry - dapp for adding CIDs to a Eth Registry for Blocklists/Denylists, integrate with either Bitscreen and/or Filecoin Lotus node CID Filters, Resources: and, $400 for best example


See links embedded above

Judging Criteria

All of the above!

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