Ethereum Foundation

The Ethereum Foundation is posting a bounty of 5000USD for the best submissions for Rollup infrastructure projects and for ETH2 bounties (Special focus should be on optimistic EVM rollups such as Optimism or Arbitrum).

The goal of these bounties is to grow the rollup and ETH2 communities. We want to make it easy for dapps to live on multiple EVM rollups and improve the user and developer experiences for rollups and ETH2 stakers.

Eth2 Bounty Wishlist

- Dashboards, alerts or other monitoring for validators that plug into beacon node APIs. - A single installer/manager for all client types that include redundancy, failure detection and auto-fallback. - Scripts for easily swapping client type - Additional and extended Eth2 deposit/key management tooling. - Fork to support EIP2335 + EIP2334. Or, implement the same functionalities in ChainSafe’s - Simplify, through tutorials or tools, collection of network attestation data - Build support tools for live insights and visualisations into the network. - Use rumor agents to analyze and/or visualize gossip subnets in real time. - Build a website for visualizing/querying the validator activation and exit queue - Build a website for visualizing the FFG finality process. - Build a website to monitor Eth1 voting.

Rollup Infrastructure Bounties


The following features are desirable for wallets on rollups:

- A single wallet that supports multiple rollups for better UX and adoption

- Transaction abstraction default i.e. the ability to use BLS or other crypto instead of ECDSA

- Social key recovery (see here)

- Support BLS signatures to allow for compression and make optimistic rollup as scalable as zkrollup.

- For rollups that have a single coordinator, provide a receipt to a user which gives assurance that the transaction will be included. Otherwise a penalty is applied.

- Make it easy to be layer agnostic. Enable the sender to process any destination as specified by the receiver.


- A block explorer that supports all rollups

- Status dashboard for all rollups to monitor health

- Other infrastructure that currently exists for Ethereum L1


Making it easier for developers to deploy their project on multiple rollups is important. For EVM rollups devs should just have to make a parameter change.

- Make it easy for developers to deploy their contracts without rollup specific changes

- A wrapper that makes it easy to build UI’s to multiple rollups. Ideally so that just a change to endpoints is needed.


An important part of allowing multiple rollups to flourish is to allow them to work together.

- Mass migrations allow users to exit one rollup and move to another without on-chain action. If each user has to pay high gas to migrate then there is a risk of user lockin as gas prices fluctuate. Several rollups will support mass migrations, we want to support tooling that facilitates this in practice.

- Fast withdraw: Optimistic rollups have a slow withdraw time. It is possible to expedite this process by advancing the withdraw funds for a fee. We want to help such projects get started.

- State channels between two users on multiple rollups can also be used to move funds without a L1 transaction. We want to support such projects.


Must include github!


Bounty winners will be judged based on relative usefulness with threshold requirement of effort

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