DAOhaus is a community-owned platform that enables teams, projects, or communities to unlock the coordination power of a DAO. Launch a DAO with one click.

Our mission is to foster an open economy of interconnected DAOs.

Bounty 1

DAOhaus Expanding The Haus, Build an integration between DAOhaus and any of the other ETHDenver Sponsors,

Some examples would be:

Streaming payments from a DAO using Superfluid.

Saving DAO or DAO member info to IPFS.

Trading DAO funds with 1Inch.

Using ChainLink to pull in oracle info for a DAO.

Leveraging BrightID to help DAOs avoid sybil attacks.

Community token laucher and souce cred integration

discord / discourse plugin / feature / bots

Anything else that uses one of the sponsors to make our magic internet communities even more magical.

$1,000 each for 2 best submissions ($2,000 total)

MolochV2 Contract:

Basic Minion Example:

DAOhaus front-end repo:


We’re mostly looking for an open-source link to a custom minion contracts to make these integrations work with our MolochV2 DAOs and test coverage for those smart contracts.


A well tested PR, if focused more on a front-end integration.

Judging Criteria

Clean, efficient code, Originality, Awesomeness.

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