Biconomy is a developer tool that offers powerful APIs to delight users by abstracting away blockchain complexities through gas-efficient meta-transactions. We are on a mission to simplify web 3.0 experiences. Thus, the next generation of decentralized applications will leverage our APIs to enable a seamless blockchain experience for various use cases such as gasless transactions, instant L1<>L2 transactions, & gas payment in ERC20 tokens.

Bounty 1

Enable gas payment in ERC20 tokens using Forward

Prize: 1500$

We want to reward user-centric projects that improve the experience by enabling gas payment in ERC20 tokens using Biconomy Forward. There are various use cases you can build such as:

- DeFi protocols and wallets can improve their user experience by allowing their end-users to transact and trade without having to own ETH.

- Financial applications can allow users to pay gas in stablecoins. This will delight their users who want to save up their ETH and would rather pay gas in DAI, USDT, USDC etc. We see this becoming a competitive advantage for certain DeFi applications.

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For any issues, ask on our telegram:

Bounty 2

Leverage meta-transactions

Prize: 1500$

Biconomy enables gasless transactions through gas-efficient meta-transactions. Thus, projects can sponsor gas fees for their users to improve their experience. For example, Perpetual Protocol offers a gasless trading experience using our APIs. Decentral Games & Zed.Run also leverage our relayer network to sponsor gas on behalf of users.

We would love to see projects leverage meta-transactions for various use cases.

And, if you integrate layer 2 such as Matic or xDai, Biconomy will sponsor all gas fees for your users!


For any issues, ask on our telegram:


Projects at any stage of their lifecycle are eligible, provided they are integrating Biconomy Forward or meta-transactions

Judging Criteria

Value proposition of the project (50%), user friendliness & usability (30%), and innovativeness of the use case enabled (20%)

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