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Acala is the EVM-compatible DeFi Hub and stablecoin platform of Polkadot. It’s a special economic zone and landing pad for DeFi Dapps to get access to the multi-chain Polkadot ecosystem. The Acala EVM is one module on the Acala network that enables Solidity contracts deployed on Acala/Polkadot with minimum changes. Acala’s EVM offers many distinct features in addition to being faster and cheaper, such as aggregated cross-chain liquidity, paying fees in any token, and on-chain automatic scheduler that enables use cases like subscription and recurring payment

Bounty 1

Title: Deploy a DApp on Polkadot using Acala EVM

Prize: $1000


Bounty 2

Title: Build a DApp on Polkadot usingwith Acala’s EVM withand the On-chain Automatic Scheduler Function

It’s a plus if you use any other special features and/or tech from other ETHDenver sponsors.

Prize: $2000



1. Must be a working DApp on local testnet or on Acala’s public testnet, called Mandala

2. Must provide a link to Github source code (if using a modified local node, submit the code also)

3. Must provide docs on what the DApp is trying to achieve and how the DApps suppose to work, and the deployed DApp should match expected functions.

Judging Criteria

1. Completeness of DApp

2. Technical Difficulty

3. User Experience

4. Originality and Creativity

5. Wow Factor

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