Updated: Feb 10

TRGC is a research-driven digital asset fund that invests exclusively in cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, and blockchain companies. We apply a fundamental, bottom-up, rigorous investment process to invest early in the most compelling digital asset projects at the seed/private sale stage. We look for opportunities in promising blockchain protocols and other layer 1/layer 2 infrastructure projects, which will help advance the digital asset adoption. We also invest in the entire range of publicly traded digital assets. With our seed/private sale investments, we expect to be a long-term and hands-on partner to the projects, where we can help guide the project team to successful public launch.

Bounty 1

TRGC Open Hack 1

The sky is the limit! Use your imagination to impress us with any DeFi protocol layer solutions to the current pain points of cryptos you see.

Prize $1000

Bounty 2

TRGC Open Hack 2

The sky is the limit again! Use your imagination to impress us with any layer 1/2 solutions to the current pain points of cryptos you see, especially in DeFi...

Prize $1000

Bounty 3

TRGC Close Hack

Any MetaMask type plug-in that facilitates e-commerce [fast payments]...

Prize $1000


Open source code with a link to the repository.

250 words or less submission description.

KYC required to receive the prizes.

Judging Criteria

Originality/Innovation: 30%

Technical Prowess: 30%

User Experience: 30%

The "Wow" Factor: 10%

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