How to Become a Mentor or Get Help From One at ETHDenver 2020

With ETHDenver 2020 just a few weeks away, we wanted to bring you a resource on how to connect with and/or get support from our team of #BUIDLathon mentor volunteers.

Become a mentor for ETHDenver 2020.

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3 Ways to Get Help From Mentors at ETHDenver

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ETHDenver is Feb 14-16, 2020 and is the world’s the largest Web3 BUIDLathon (formerly known as a hackathon). ETHDenver is a 3-day, 24 hours a day non-stop innovation marathon, and is alive with a wide variety of activities. From talks and workshops by top blockchain influencers/experts to experiential tech-art exhibits, interactive games, and a DAO ecosystem, ETHDenver has a futuristic experience for everyone.

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