March 2 to 5, 2023

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This year the MakerSpace will be the center for Art, Tech and a place to generally nerd out. We will have 4 PLA printers, 2 resin printers, a laser cutter and a 3d scanner for all to use! We will also be hosting a continuous workshop building custom badges.

Our featured artists Kira Bursky, Anas Abdin and Magical Trash Mountain

Custom Badge Workshop

Three types of badges
     1. A screen to display your Bufficorn
     2. A 3d printed disk of your face
     3. A badge with lights!

All are customizable with code (Arduino IDE)


We will also have a game going on our big screen. Attendees can join a team or simply play on their own. Details will be released the day of the event.

The MakerSpace is always a hub for lively discussions of technology and all things Ethereum related. As always there will be music and art.

Here are our Featured Artists

"Live Art Creation with NFT Artist Kira Bursky"Join multidisciplinary NFT artist Kira Bursky as she creates a new original digital artwork live. After she creates the piece, she'll talk about her journey to becoming a full-time crypto artist. There will be a Q&A. Kira has sold 2,500+ art NFTs and has had work featured at art exhibitions around the world.

Anas Abdin a Data Science Specialist, pixel artist and game developer. They specialized in limited palettes and retro art.

Magical Trash Mountain is a visual artist, archive recontextualizer, and enchanter of trash. Trained as a horticulturist, immersive artist, sculptor, and photographer, she relies heavily on improvisation and her holistic worldview to create captivating experiences, regardless of the medium.