ETHDenver Offsite Events Policy

ETHDenver Offsite Events Policy

ETHDenver is free to attend. And it always will be.

We are a big tent that welcomes anyone who wishes to express their unique creativity toward #BUIDLing a more open, decentralized future. Every year, we welcome virtually any person who can find their way to Denver over President’s Day weekend. Even if you can’t afford it, we offer as many scholarships as possible to help defray the costs and plan to continue growing these efforts over time. As a result, over the past two years we’ve attracted people from all over the world to Colorado. In 2020, 50 countries, 50 US States will be represented, to be precise.

We cannot begin to express our gratitude for our Sponsors. They represent a big part of our overall Stakeholders. Without the community projects, companies and individuals who contribute economically to our efforts, ETHDenver would not, and could not, exist.

In an effort to protect the collective investments our Sponsor Stakeholders have made in our event, we ask for the Web3 community’s assistance in helping us in protecting ETHDenver by eliminating outside distractions during the Main Event ETHDenver #BUIDLathon, February 14-16th.

As such, we ask that the community refrain from hosting non-affiliated, unsanctioned events on February 14, 15 or 16th. Of course, we cannot, and will not, attempt to stop anyone from holding an offsite event on these dates. However, hosting an event that conflicts with ETHDenver’s Main Event #BUIDLathon on these dates will result in a few outcomes:

– We will delist your event from the #BUIDLWeek Schedule if posted there. #BUIDLWeek is an open-source calendar for February 10-13th. Post to your heart’s content and have a great time during #BUIDLWeek. Even after ETHDenver, after 10PM on the 16th, is fine to post and host an event such as an after party!
– Your ETHDenver #BUIDLathon admission ticket, if you’ve applied and been accepted, will be revoked and you will be denied entry. This includes all members of your team.
– You, and your project, will be disallowed from participating in future ETHDenver events.

Harsh? Perhaps. Permissionless!? Not exactly. We feel you.

Let us explain. ETHDenver is not a conference; it’s a free-to-attend Community Gathering and #BUIDLathon created to spark ideas, ship projects, and connect with diverse minds from around the world who are just as passionate as you are about Web3 tech.

ETHDenver is also the birthplace of #BUIDL; a now community meme that represents the sharing of ideas, creativity, collaboration, teaching, painting and ultimately… value creation. When an outside event is hosted during the Main Event of ETHDenver, it encourages #BUIDLers and other attendees to exit the ecosystem instead of bringing them together for these few short days. It also takes attention away from which our Sponsor Stakeholders are paying. In short, it is detrimental, if not terminal, to our ecosystem and our efforts of sustainability. Every ETHDenver Sponsor Stakeholder agrees not to host any offsite events that conflict with the Main Event #BUIDLathon for this reason. We ask that everyone in the larger Web3 community also honor this same request.

If you’d like to become a Sponsor Stakeholder and garner more attention for your brand, engage developers and #BUIDL with us, get in touch! There’s still time to get involved!

With love and respect,

The ETHDenver Stewards