ColoradoJam Greenfield

Lightning Pitches 2021

February 8th, 4-5pm

Welcome to ColoradoJam! ETHDenver is Collaborating with the State of Colorado to crowdsource creativity around key challenges the State is facing as it moves into the next frontier of Statehood. Apply to present your idea to an All-Star panel of State leaders.

The following challenges are accepting submissions for the event. The top 6 submissions will be selected to present on the ETHDenver live-stream and have 6 minutes to present in front of the judges.

- Reimagine the use of commercial office-space

left vacant by the shift to remote work.

- Reimagine success for those reentering

society after prison terms.

- Propose a DeFi solution to the student debt crisis.

Projects that deploy renewables to residential and commercial buildings efficiently.

- Harness the power of data to better anticipate climate change patterns while protecting community resources.

- Gamified incentives for healing of community lands with respect to orphaned oil wells throughout the state.

- Build a platform or marketplace for independent workers to procure benefits and services at scale while offering full compliance and simplified administration of employment.

- Build a tokenized rewards program for consuming specific types of Colorado products and services (wood, agriculture, live events, fundraising, etc.., travel, etc...)

- Gamify learning for displaced, unemployed and underemployed workers in need of recalibration of skill sets.

Gamify incentives for individuals to become vaccinated against COVID-19.

- Gamify a system that incentivizes individuals to enter, and stay, in the workforce (maybe leverage tokenized rewards too?)

Design a multi-stakeholder lottery system where prizes can be contributed by community businesses

Design a DAO (or blockchain solutions) using a Colorado Cooperative (LCA) that serves sustainable growing of crops in Colorado.

- Provide incentives for commuters to leverage electrified transportation (rewards program, gamification) combined with applying rewards to participating businesses and state tax breaks.

- Accepting proposals , concept papers, and presentations on how we could implement blockchain technology to incentivise low-, neutral- and, negative- carbon solutions in Colorado. Options can include cryptocurrency, blockchain tax credits, bonding curves, etc..

- Reimagine a student transcript using web3 technology and "student focused" approach