#BUIDL Week Colorado 2020

FEBRUARY 10-13 (Denver/Boulder/Colorado Springs/Ft. Collins)
Blockchain Meetups, Workshops & Connections

Clear your schedule and plan to arrive early for #BUIDL Week Feb 10-13, 2020! Attend a wide range of blockchain events open to the public including: tech demos, speakers, panels, and workshops throughout the state; designed to empower and educate Colorado’s growing and thriving blockchain community. These events are a great way to learn new skills and prepare for the ETHDenver #BUIDLathon, where “BUIDLing” (blockchain software building, formerly known as hacking) kicks off Friday, February 14th. View the current #BUIDL Week Schedule here and expect to see many more exciting new events come online over the coming weeks!

Hosting a Community Event:

#BUIDL Week community event hosting is open source and permissionless, and can be done by any person, group or project. Whether you’re local or traveling to Denver from across the globe, everyone is invited to host events designed to prepare attendees for ETHDenver and further the blockchain discussion worldwide. All you need to do is list your event in the form below, and it will be immediately available for others to see! Need some added support? We also have some great resources available to you to help make your event a success.

Event space is available through our sponsor, Enterprise Coworking Rino including several shorter daily time slots available at no cost, as well as longer paid slots available as well. You can request this by emailing buidlweek@ethdenver.com. Events may be held anytime Mon Feb 10-Thu, Feb 13.

NOTE: In the interest of reducing distractions during ETHDenver itself, we ask that the community refrain from hosting offsite events Feb 14, 15 or 16. Hosting an event that conflicts with ETHDenver itself will result in delisting of your event from the #BUIDL Week Schedule.


Event Support and Resources:

Cryptorado and ETHDenver have partnered to offer local support in coordinating events surrounding #BUIDL Week and ETHDenver. You supply the content and Cryptorado provides anything else you need to host your event, including: venue, refreshments, A/V, marketing and more. Cryptorado also coordinates year-round Colorado meetups and has strong connections with local universities and blockchain/crypto enthusiasts, making it easier to connect with the Cryptorado Community and bring awareness to you and/or your project.

*** Click here to learn how the Cryptorado team/community can support you with your event! ***

Blockchain Ticketing for Event Hosts:

For those planning community events during #BUIDLWeek, we recommend trying out blockchain-based solutions to immerse participants in as much blockchain tech as possible throughout the week.

Free Events: https://kickback.events asks attendees to commit a small amount of ETH/DAI when they RSVP, which is refunded upon event check-in. Any no-shows lose their commitment, which can then be split among attendees. It has been widely used at side events during Devcon4 and Devcon5. Complete this form to begin arranging your event. Questions can be directed to hello@kickback.events

Paid Events: https://mintbase.io and https://unlock-protocol.com each enable you to create NFT-based tickets which attendees can conveniently have on hand in their crypto wallet. They also provide lower transaction fees compared to non-crypto based ticketing solutions. They have been used at events such as nft.nyc and ETHWaterloo.

Complimentary Coworking Space Access

#BUIDL Week participants are invited to enjoy complimentary  Enterprise Coworking Rino access throughout the week. Get a bit of work done between sessions in a space where you can meet with other blockchain industry professionals. Mon-Thu 9am-5pm at Enterprise Coworking. You’ll also have access to cowork from the Sports Castle itself (ETHDenver venue) on Thursday from 9am-9pm.

Team Building Events:

Team building events are designed to give #BUIDLers, community members, and the “crypto curious” as many chances as possible to meet people and form teams in the lead up to ETHDenver. (1) Wed, Feb 12th at Enterprise – Timing TBA (2) Thu, Feb 13th onsite at the ETHDenver event venue (Sports Castle) at 6pm and (3) Fri, Feb 14th onsite at ETHDenver at 12pm as well as our final team-building event at 8pm (following opening ceremony).

Submit a #BUIDL Week 2020 Event:

#BUIDL Week 2020 Schedule:

Date Time Event Name Event Address
02/10/2020 - CryptoMondays: DAOs & DeFi + A Fireside Chat w/ Nodar Janashia of DeFiZap Enterprise Coworking RiNo, 3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205
Event Description:

This event, focused on DAOs & DeFi, will feature a Fireside Chat
with Nodar Janashia, the Co-Founder of DeFiZap, a rapidly growing app
that enables users to allocate assets across multiple DeFi protocols in
one transaction, saving time and gas. Zap is a smart contract that
auto-spreads incoming deposits across Compound, Fulcrum, TokenSets and
others, based on pre-set allocations.

Nodar was born in in Kiev,
Ukraine and moved to Brooklyn in 2002. A few years after graduating from
Fordham, in 2015, Nodar started his first company, CountUp.io, a
platform for businesses to find and work with a licensed accountants

In 2019, Nodar came to the belief that Ethereum is going
to do to finance what the internet did to the media, it’s going to
democratize the creation of new financial instruments. So in August he
started writing DeFi tutorials to highlight the best opportunities and
the risks involved. Nodar than built DeFiStrategies.com, a DeFi trading
simulator. In October, Nodar and his partner entered the Kyber Network
Virtual Hackathon and created DeFiZap, which beat out 77 other
submissions to win the $5,000 grand prize. Since launching two months
ago, DeFiZap has scaled to over 250 customers deploying more than 3,500
ETH in DeFi via the app.

We’ll be announcing other speakers in the coming days. There will be food and drink and plenty of time for networking.

Event Type:Social or Happy Hour
Skill Level:NA
Event Host:CryptoMondays & Cryptorado
02/11/2020 - Colorado “Buidl” Week – Substrate Workshop 3000 Lawrence St
Event Description:

Substrate is an open-source modular framework for building blockchains and is the backbone of the upcoming Polkadot network. Learn to build a custom blockchain during this live working session with Parity Technologies.

Joshy from Parity Technologies will walk you through building your own custom blockchain on Substrate. By the end of this workshop, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to develop on Substrate.

Please follow these instructions to install and setup Substrate before the workshop:

Substrate is written in Rust. If you are unfamiliar with Rust, please take a moment to review the first 3 chapters of the official Rust Book: https://doc.rust-lang.org/book/

There will be some light snacks and drinks available throughout the workshop.

You’re welcome to hang out after the workshop and hack further, just RSVP to the meetup afterwards here:

Schedule will be as follows:

2pm – 2.30pm: Arrival
2.30pm – 3pm: Substrate introduction
3pm – 5pm: Coding with Substrate

Event Type:Technical Workshop
Skill Level:Intermediate
Event Host:Parity tech
02/11/2020 - Polkadot – Colorado “Buidl” Week Meetup 3000 Lawrence St
Event Description:

Join us for an exciting evening in Denver discussing all things Polkadot!


5:30-6:00 – Arrival – Food & Drinks

6:00-6:30 Jack Platts – Polkadot stepping into the multi chain 

6:30-7:00 Joe Petrowski – The journey of a parachain block

7:00-8:00 End of meetup & networking


We’ll have time for questions, open discussion and networking. Drinks and snacks will be served. Program starts promptly at 6:00 PM

This event is free but we can only accommodate a limited amount of guests. RSVP early!


Polkadot is a Web3 Foundation project; to keep up-to-date with releases:


Follow us on Twitter:


Join the discussion at the watercooler:

Riot: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#polkadot-watercooler:matrix.org

Event Type:General Education
Skill Level:Introduction
Event Host:Polkadot
02/12/2020 - How Secure Your Data on/off-chain & Harden Your Blockchain Node BurstIQ - 3513 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216
Event Description:

Public blockchains are typically transparent in terms of all user data. Private & permissioned chains are much more like traditional databases and require many of the same considerations to harden and secure.

Join BurstIQ’s COO & President: Brian Jackson {a high-security data engineer} for a presentation on how to secure and harden a blockchain node.

Event Type:Technical Workshop
Skill Level:Intermediate
Event Host:BurstIQ
Registration Link:(TBD)
02/12/2020 - No Code? No Problem! Building Web3 with DappHero Enterprise Coworking, RiNo
Event Description:

Are you a designer? Builder? Not a Coder? Find yourself spending more time on your front end than on your smart contracts? Then this workshop is for you- come be part of the first live Beta-test group to see DappHero, a new no-code tool that lets designers, builders, entrepreneurs quickly and easily build Blockchain powered front ends without needing to know how to code!

Location and Details to follow soon!

Event Type:General Education
Skill Level:Introduction
Event Host:DappHero
Registration Link:TBD
02/12/2020 - Why Neo and how can I use it to BUIDL? 3000 Lawrence Street, Denver, Colorado 80205
Event Description:

Neo Colorado is excited to host its next event during BUIDL Week in the lead up to the fifth ETH Denver taking place February 14th – 16th, 2020! BUIDL Week will offer a wide variety of blockchain-oriented events — such as workshops, panels, and tech demos — that are free and open to the public.

As part of its 2020 campaign, Neo Colorado aims to delve further into the Neo platform’s mechanics and functionality. To do so, we’ll be designing“201” and “301” level events oriented towards business use cases, developers, and BUIDLers in Colorado’s and broader blockchain communities.


Neo Colorado’s next event will delve further into the “Why” of Neo. Why use Neo for a business use case? Why develop on the Neo blockchain? Why explore Neo when thinking of which blockchain to use for your project? Why does 100% finality matter? Why are other projects using Neo?


In addition to the “Why,” this event will also provide a broad, yet concise, overview of resources available to developers. This includes support for devs who prefer to code with JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Go, Java, C#, or VisualStudio.

Lastly, Neo Colorado will introduce the neo-burner wallet (inspired by Austin Griffith’s Ethereum-based burner wallet), and distribute a paper wallet to individuals who RSVP for and attend the event!

Attendees are encouraged to download the O3 mobile wallet before the event at:


Feel free to check out some of the information below to get caught up to date with Neo.

In the past year, Neo Colorado has delivered various “101” level presentations, which can be found at the links below:

  • August 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBf1hvwv9-o
  • November 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TIL2HfPWeE


Everyone is welcome to attend the Neo Colorado event, regardless of knowledge or skillset!

Event Type:General Education
Skill Level:Intermediate
Event Host:Dylan Grabowski
02/13/2020 - SustainWeb3 Sports Castle, 1000 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
Event Description:

As we start envisioning a “Web3”, sustaining free and open source software is more important than ever – and more realistic. We’re gathering technologists, economists, maintainers, and hackers who think Web3 is – A New Hope™ for free and open source software.

Join us for a one-day gathering to discuss active initiatives, learn from industry luminaries, and start designing the future of Web3 sustainability ✨.

Event Type:Mini Conference
Skill Level:NA
Event Host:Gitcoin/Radicle
Registration Link:http://web3.sustainoss.org/
02/13/2020 - Distributed Networks Summit – IPFS & Friends Enterprise Cowoking RiNo, 3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205
Event Description:

Blockchains are just one tool in the stack that will bring about Web3… another core tech: distributed P2P file systems. Enter: IPFS and all it’s interconnected technologies.

Dapp developers: IPFS tools will make your projects scale better, become more decentralized, and be easier to build!

Join: @Temporalcloud, @textileio, @IPFSPinata, @dappkit, @3Box, and more to learn and launch into the web of tomorrow!

✔️Works shops🛠️
✔️Help Desk🧐
✔️Food & drinks🍻
✔️ @IPFSbot Swag👕


Event Type:Mini Conference
Skill Level:Introduction
Event Host:Dan Shields
02/13/2020 - DAOfest The Sports Castle, Denver CO
Event Description:

DAOfest is an event series focused on advancing the technology and adoption of decentralized governance globally. We call all stewards, architects, engineers and designers that are working

towards a world full of functional and mature Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to join us as we speak, listen and build together in Denver during #BUIDLWeek!

DAOfest is powered by DAOstack and part of the global decentralized event series that is powered by the FestDAO – join us in our telegram chat: https://t.me/festdao

Event Type:Mini Conference
Skill Level:NA
Event Host:Felipe Duarte
Registration Link:www.daofest.io
02/14/2020 - Interstellar ETH – Blockchain UX Day Enterprise Coworking RiNo, 3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205
Event Description:

Lets get together and talk about it

Hosted by IDEO & MetaCartel

10:00 – 11:30 UX Intro Chats
11:30 – 12:30 Debrief and Lunch
12:30 – 2:00 Product Interviews
2:00 – 4:00 Share Learnings

Event Type:Mini Conference
Skill Level:Advanced
Event Host:IDEO & MetaCartel


Reach out to our team today at buidlweek@ethdenver.com