ETHDenver Is A Community-Owned Innovation Festival.

Become An Official Member Of SporkDAO


There are many ways that you can become a SporkDAO member. Some of those ways include attending ETHDenver, submitting a #BUIDLathon Project, winning a #BUIDLathon, Volunteering for SporkDAO activities, investing in Bufficorn Ventures, joining the SporkWhale Club and more!


You can stake your spork via our staking dapp. Staking enables you to unlock additional benefits for SporkDAO members.  These include priority access to ETHDenver ticketing, discounted SporkWhale VIP access, and more. 

bufficorn #buidlbrigade

A utility-based NFT PFP community brought to you by SporkDAO and ETHDenver. Get access to the Bufficorn #BUIDLBrigade lounge priority application review and other exclusive benefits for BBB members at ETHDenver 2023.

$SPORK Rewards

$SPORK is designed as a Cooperative Patronage Rewards token used as a means of incentivizing stakeholders to engage in certain patronage activities. This means that when you support the community, you can be rewarded with $SPORK


Don’t want to be tortured by FOMO?  Upgrade your ticket to a SPORKWhale ticket when you claim it to gain access to the SporkWhale VIP Lounge.

Become a $SPORKWhale VIP


Co-Founder + Executive Steward

John Paller

Co-Founder + Executive Steward

Justin Moskowitz

Chief Operations Steward

Bas Bruinekool

Ecosystem Steward

Shannon Ewing

ETHDenver Steward + SporkDAO Treasurer

Joshua Lapidus

Mentor Steward

Casey Gardiner

Entrepreneur in Resident Steward

Russell Castagnaro

Head Operations Steward

Steve Sampson

Community Steward

Derrek Coleman

Marketing Steward

Laura Holte

BUIDL Steward

Jason Lee

Community Steward

Tyler Parsley

Table Top Steward

Aaron Linde

Diversity Steward

Lee Knight

#BUIDLWeek Day Events Steward

Taylor Kendal

#BUIDLWeek Day Events Steward

Colin Reynolds

MakerSpace Steward

Evan Trumbull

Zen Zone Steward

Paige Butkus

Childcare Steward

Jussara Camargo

BUIDLWeek + Events Steward

Hunt Frye

Artistic Direction Steward

Jessica Angel