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ETHDenver is a Community-Owned Innovation Festival.

With the genesis of SporkDAO in June of 2021, ETHDenver became the first event DAO in the world. All event proceeds are used to #BUIDL value for our community and to realize the decentralized future. 

2023 is #TheYearOfTheSpork! The SPORK is the go-to tool that the Bufficorn family uses in their everyday lives. They are versatile tools used for digging, eating, defending, playing, and especially
#BUIDLing — their favorite pastime.

SporkDAO’s ETHDenver #BUIDLathon is about gathering like-minds around a common purpose. Distributed computing is the future, and Colorado is a leading community supporting this emerging technology.

Our goal is empowering the Web3 community to shape this new world while cementing the Rocky Mountain region and the state of Colorado as a thriving hub of Ethereum and blockchain innovation.

Schedule Snapshot


We kick off the #BUIDLing...and festivities. Join the in-person open source events, meet-ups, and parties!

February 24 to March 1st

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#BUIDLathon + Festival

We return to Denver, Colorado for a jam-packed weekend of idea sharing, creative expression, round-the-clock #BUIDLing, and witnessing the future of blockchain innovation.

March 2 to March 5

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Mountain Retreat

We head west on Colorado's scenic I-70 on Buffi's Rocky Mountain Express to Breckenridge Colorado for some much needed rest and relaxation on the slopes.

March 6 to March 9

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